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USA Rugby Stats

The Colonial Coast Rugby Conference is using the USA rugby Stats site for all score tracking and standings.

Please use the following link to enter in your match Roster & Statistics

How to enter a roster prior to a Match

  • First both teams have to enter in roster prior to match.
    • Login

    • Select the match

    • Select Edit on the “Rosters” Tab

    • Set the name for each of the 23 players on your roster for the match

    • After you have entered everyone, select Save Changes

How to enter stats for or during a match

  • Login

  • Select the match

  • Select Edit on the “Game Stream” Tab

  • Enter the Minute

    • Counting up to 80mins (38min / 54min etc.)

  • Then select what you’re entering

    • Score/Sub/Card

    • The Type Options will change based on what “Event” you select

    • Select the team and the corresponding players associated with the event.  

    • Note: If the other team has not entered a roster, you will not be able to select a person.

    • After entering the event details click the blue +

  • Repeat until all events are recorded.

  • Once complete, select “Done”

  • Each team needs to mark signature. In order to update/complete match & update stats

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